About Us

Established in 1991, Novamed Inc. is an A2LA Accredited ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory, headquartered in Skokie, IL with operations across USA and Canada. As a national market leader in Pipette Calibration & Repair, Novamed provides both On-Site and Mail-In services.

Novamed is housed in a 7000 sq.ft facility with an environmentally controlled laboratory and state of the art technology. Being an accredited laboratory, Novamed strictly adheres to all aspects of Quality Management System and ISO 17025 standards.

Our prestigious customers include Baxter Healthcare, Hospira, Abraxis Pharmaceuticals, US EPA, America Red Cross and major Medical Centers, Hospitals, Research Universities, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Chemical Companies across the nation. Novamed has highly qualified technicians performing the calibration services and has achieved total customer satisfaction as the most reliable, high quality & cost effective calibration company, providing services with a turnaround time of within 48-72 hours, among the quickest in the industry.

Why Novamed

  •  For nearly two decades, Novamed has excelled as a major Midwest market leader offering both On-Site & Mail-In Pipette Calibration & Repair services

  •  Calibrated over 1.25 million pipettes at 1100+ various laboratories nationwide

  •  An A2LA Accredited ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory

  •  Service performed by experienced Calibration Technicians

  •  Service meets or exceeds manufactures’ recommended specifications

  •  Service includes complete & thorough overhaul, cleaning, evaluation of pipette functionality, Sealing System, polishing of piston & recalibration

  •  All calibration equipment including balances used are NIST traceable

  •  Gravimetric Calibration

  •  All major brands serviced and repaired

  •  Fast, Accurate, Reliable and Cost effective

  •  Certificate of Calibration provided upon request, aids in ISO/GMP/GLP/CLSI/CAP/CLIA compliance

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